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  • AT-01-00


    Typical fan,dancers

    Size: Big

    Composition: Cotton,wood

    Manufactured: Spain.Hand painted.

  • AM-018


    Orange color modern fan with woman
    Size: XL
    Composition: Silk, bocapi wood
    Manufactured: Spain. Hand painted

  • AC-014


    Collection fan with lace and flowers
    Size: XL
    Composition: Cotton, lace and painted pear wood
    Made: Spain, hand painted

  • AL-010-00


     Warn pink plain fan
    Size: Big
    Quality: Cotton, wood
    Manufactured: Spain

  • AP-08


    Black tulle dotted color fan
    Size: Big
    Composition: Wood, tulle
    Manufactured: Spain

  • AF-01


    natural  with red color and flowers fan
    Size: Big
    Composition: Cotton,  wood
    Manufactured: Spain. Hand painted

  • GS-01-00


    Green leather gloves with rhombus
    Size: Lady
    Composition: sheep skin, cashmere wool lining
    Made in:Italy

  • P-01


    Blue wool background neck gaiter with blue patterns
    Size: 32cm x 62cm
    Composition: 47% acrylic, 27% polyester, 26% mohair
    Made: Italy

  • TP-01


    Black silk kerchief with tribal print
    Size: 80cm x 80cm
    Composition: 100% silk
    Made: Italy

  • TLL-01


    Black lace veil embroidered in silver
    Size: 60cm x 176cm
    Composition: Natural silk tulle, hand embroidered
    Manufactured: Spain. Handmade

  • TE-01


    Red background textile stole with floral and cashmere print
    Size: 65cm x 190cm
    Composition: 100% silk
    Made: Italy