Large piece of clothing. When the fabric is thick, it can replace the coat or jacket if the weather is good. When the temperatures drop, they give an enveloping and modern touch to our clothing.
When the fabric is fine such as natural silk, organza or satin they serve to give strength and elegance to our dress.

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  • TE-01


    Red background textile stole with floral and cashmere print
    Size: 65cm x 190cm
    Composition: 100% silk
    Made: Italy

  • TE-02


    Textile stole black background with blue fish print
    Size: 85cm x 200cm
    Composition: 55% cotton, 22% viscose, 13% linen
    Made: Italy

  • TE-03


    Textile stole with beige and taupe colored houndstooth background, stamping and lateral lurex
    Size: 95cm x 180cm
    Composition: 43% wool, 35% cotton, 19% acrylic and 3% lurex
    Manufactured: India

  • TE-04


    Red, orange and black textile stole, with floral ribbon print
    Size: 100cm x 200cm
    Composition: 85% wool, 15% silk
    Manufactured: India

  • TE-05


    Textile stole with blue background, mustard lines and smooth reverse
    Size: 50cm x 180cm
    Composition: 44% polyester, 28% wool, 28% viscose
    Made: Italy

  • TE-06


    Garnet textile stole with blue and brown floral pattern
    Size: 60cm x 200cm
    Composition: 100% wool
    Made: Italy

  • TE-07


    Beige textile stole with silver lurex
    Size: 55cm x 185cm
    Composition: 8% wool, 27% modal, 60 acrylic, 3% polyester, 2% alpaca
    Made: Italy

  • TE-08


    Dark blue textile stole with white and green stitching
    Size: 45cm x 180cm
    Composition: 43% polyester, 33% wool, 24% viscose
    Made: Italy

  • TE-09


    Blue background textile stole, patchwork print and beige stitching
    Size: 75cm x 180cm
    Composition: 92% wool, 8% silk
    Manufactured: India

  • TE-010


    Taupe background textile stole, floral print and cashmere
    Size: 55cm x 190cm
    Composition: 100% wool
    Made: Italy

  • TE-011


    Textile stole stamped horoscope, astrology
    Size: 75cm x 200cm
    Composition: 75% wool, 25% modal
    Made: Italy

  • TE-012


    Pink background textile stole, brown geometric print and pink ruffle
    Size: 70cm x 180cm
    Composition: 100% silk
    Made: Italy. Designer Mochino