Large piece of clothing. When the fabric is thick, it can replace the coat or jacket if the weather is good. When the temperatures drop, they give an enveloping and modern touch to our clothing.
When the fabric is fine such as natural silk, organza or satin they serve to give strength and elegance to our dress.

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  • TE-013


    Orange plain textile stole
    Size: 70cm x 200cm
    Composition: 100% cashemere
    Manufactured: Spain. Hand woven

  • TE-014


    Gray background textile stole, blue stain pattern and reverse plain
    Size: 45cm x 200cm
    Composition: 80% merino wool, 20% cashemere
    Manufactured: Spain

  • TE-015


    Purple degraded to brown textile stole
    Size: 70cm x 200cm
    Composition: 60% wool, 40% silk
    Manufactured: Spain. Hand woven

  • TE-018


    Stole with orange and fuchsia squares with pistachio green sides.

    Size:55cm x200cm.

    Composition: 45%cotton 45%linen 10%wool.

    Manufactured: German design (India).

  • TE-017


    Smooth turquoise textile stole.

    Size: 50cm x 210cm.

    Composition: 100% linen.

    Manufactured: Spain. (Draps)

  • TE-016


    Stole stamped yellow flowers and gray fish blurred in gray and pink.

    Size: 90 cm x 200 cm.

    Composition: 50% modal 50% sillk.

    Made: Italy.

  • TE-020


    Ecru background textile stole with colored buttons.
    Size: 2m x 90cm
    Composition: 16% silk 84% wool
    Made in: Italy

  • TE-019


    Burgundy background textile stole with colored hats.

    Size:2m x55cm.

    Composi tion: 100% wool
    Made in: Italy